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NEON Staffing


Alongside our industry-leading security services, NEON provides bespoke staffing solutions to venues, events and organisations across the United Kingdom. Our diversely-skilled staff are available to support your needs and provide a wide range of services to supplement your event staff.



Safety Stewards

NEON’s Safety Stewards work alongside your organisation’s in-house team - and our SIA security staff - to support the delivery of customer satisfaction and safety.


Entrance Staff

Our entrance staff are experienced in ticketing management and comfortable working with the rules and policies of your event/venue. Forming a close relationship with our SIA staff, or working alone, teams ensure safe and efficient entry.


Bar Staff

With a strong knowledge of bar management, NEON bar staff can support your staff or work independently to ensure efficient and safe bars at your events or venues.


Cleaning staff

Our event and venue cleaning staff are on hand to provide hygiene and decontamination services to match your needs. We offer bespoke plans to ensure maximum safety, cleanliness and satisfaction for your customers.

Who We Work With

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